If I am released, I will kill Azita, my other daughter for her misbehaving with my grandson, like her sister and brother. -Akbar Khorramdin after confessing to killing his children Babak Khorramdin was a talented film maker from Iran. He was known for a series of short films called Cut, as well as An Elegy for Asher. He was talented and driven but he was single and had his own opinions about how his lifeLike
Imagine for a moment that you are twelve years old. Things in your life are in a constant flux. Money isn't easy to come by, not for you and not for your parents, and the problems this causes in your young life are just starting to register. Add to that a mix of hormones and social pressure, and what you end up with is a cocktail of adolescent angst. So, you seek an escape. YouLike
Been a little bit since my last update and I wanted to let everyone know whats going on. After I finished Ghost Flesh I decided to take a bit of a breather and work on some other things. I outlined a good bit of new articles, upcoming one on Daniel Petry and the Frog Boys of South Korea. Started on a mountain of research on missing persons cases surrounding cave systems in Vietnam and howLike
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So I've been silent for a while. Don't bring out the tar and feathers just yet, I've been busy and...get this...productive! (I know, I know I couldn't believe it myself at first.) Something I realized about myself is that when I've got an idea, I have to focus on it. If I don't, if I try to add in other things like articles and videos, the idea suffers. It eventually joins the half-finished stack ofLike
Imagine if you will that you are walking along a trail through the woods. It is a warm day with the light playing shadows from the swaying trees. Then you think you see something move near a trunk off to your right. You stop and stare at a tall, thin creature. It's covered in a fine, ash gray fur and standing completely still. You know its watching you just as you are watching it. YouLike

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