Imagine if you will that you are walking along a trail through the woods. It is a warm day with the light playing shadows from the swaying trees. Then you think you see something move near a trunk off to your right. You stop and stare at a tall, thin creature. It's covered in a fine, ash gray fur and standing completely still. You know its watching you just as you are watching it. YouLike
I have been, am and will be the worst spirit that ever existed either in fact or realm of fancy. These were the closing words sent in a letter to the Times-Picayune on March 14, 1919, signed the Axeman. When the letter arrived, the town of New Orleans, Louisiana had been suffering from this killer for nearly a year. Four people had already met their end at his axe and just as many had beenLike
What would you think if your loved ones decided to go catch a basketball game, something they had done dozens of times before? Would you think that this dinner would be the last time you would see them alive? That what would happen to them would become one of the most disturbing mysteries in American history? For the families of Jack Madruga, Ted Weiher, Jack Huett, Bill Sterling, and Gary Mathias these questions never crossedLike   Body found 90 feet north at stone hub. Head found 82 rods north at stone hub. These are the directions found on a stone placard near the Langmaind Monument in Pembroke New Hampshire. They are there to guide the curious to where officials found the body and head of Josie Langmaid on October 5th, 1875. She had been seventeen when Joseph LaPage attacked her on her way to school. When the monster wasLike
So I went to new york this past weekend for the New York Horror Film Festival and even though a 14-hour bus drive left me as drained as one of the walking dead, the films still made me feel alive. We got set up with a viewing of a new indie film and three micro-short films. It was held in a three-level movie theater which, to my shock, served actual food. Not so much atLike

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