Body found 90 feet north at stone hub. Head found 82 rods north at stone hub. These are the directions found on a stone placard near the Langmaind Monument in Pembroke New Hampshire. They are there to guide the curious to where officials found the body and head of Josie Langmaid on October 5th, 1875. She had been seventeen when Joseph LaPage attacked her on her way to school. When the monster wasLike
So I went to new york this past weekend for the New York Horror Film Festival and even though a 14-hour bus drive left me as drained as one of the walking dead, the films still made me feel alive. We got set up with a viewing of a new indie film and three micro-short films. It was held in a three-level movie theater which, to my shock, served actual food. Not so much atLike
So I realize I've been quiet for some time now and that is because I've been working on things outside the blog. If you've followed me for a while you might know that I enjoy writing and have published a few books over on Amazon. I posted about one short story collection a little while ago. Well, there is another coming out soon. I do have some things planned out for the spooky month we'reLike
One of the most chilling scenes in the film Hannibal is where the serial killer Hannibal Lecter opened the skull of political hopefull Paul and cooked part of his brain before a drugged agent Starling. Tragically, this scene played out in real life with the murder of Tammy Jo Blanton. In September of 2014, her ex-boyfriend Joseph Oberhansley broke into her home, assaulted and stabbed Tammy Jo to death. Then, using a jigsaw, he removedLike
Hello, I'm Mr. Anime, and boy, do I have a show for you. Imagine that your son calls you into the garage, asking you for help. You figure it is for another one of his YouTube videos, as you'd helped him with his skits before. When you walk through the door, you hear a loud gunshot. Suddenly the world spins away as you fall to the ground. His face looms above you, and the lastLike