Interview with Where Did The Road Go

If you read my last post, spoiler alert it was not "later that day." The interview as a lot of fun and I honestly can't wait to be back on.


Of Interviews And Broken Computers

So it happened again. Longtime readers might remember that in the not so distant past I was plagued by computer problems. Well, those old ghosts reared their heads again in the form of a glass of water down my whole rig. A horrifying amount of emergency cash later, a new computer is on the way. … Continue reading Of Interviews And Broken Computers

Creature Feature: The Dewayo or Hexenwolf They stalk through the woods at night. Half man, half beast. Their blood curdling screams the only warning of their presence. But, it isn't man they hunger for. No these monsters seek another horror, an ancient foe they have been locked in mortal combat with since stories were told. When the sun sets, the … Continue reading Creature Feature: The Dewayo or Hexenwolf